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Unreleased Kylie Songs 1 2 3 4


   List of unreleased Kylie Minogue songs

This is a page of songs that were either recorded or written by singer Kylie Minogue, but were never released for various reasons.


In 1986, Minogue recorded a number of self-funded demos that have never been released. These songs were not originals. The songs were:

  • Dim All the Lights, which was originally recorded by Donna Summer.
  • Just Once, which was a cover of the Quincy Jones song.
  • New Attitude
, which was originally recorded by Patti LaBelle.

In 1986, Kylie recorded two duets with her sister Dannii Minogue. Both tracks were recorded in a studio and lip synched during a performance on the Australian television program Young Talent Time. The studio versions which remain unreleased are:

  • Sisters (Are Doin' It For Themselves) which was originally recorded by Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin
  • Twist My Arm which was originally recorded by The Pointer Sisters

   1987-1992: The PWL years

  • The Locomotion (Original Version) This was the first professional recording Kylie made. The vocals from the recording were later used on the Australian "Locomotion" single in 1987. The original, which remains unreleased, is a much "rockier" and more acoustic version, with a band playing the music. The track was rejected by her record label as too old fashioned. It was produced by Kaj Dahlstrom.
  • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (Original Version) This song was originally made as a more radio-friendly track in April 1988, when PWL was considering it for a single release. For unknown reasons the track was never released. The original version has a cleaner intro, and is said to be a bit faster with a stronger beat and "eighties chords". Part of the refrain between verse and chorus is also supposed to be sung slightly differently. On this version there are very few backing vocals.
  • Can't Forget You (Vocal Demo) Mike Stock claims to have an old DAT recording of Kylie singing Can't Forget You which was later recorded by Sonia. He apparently asked Kylie to sing it to see if it suited her voice before it was given to Sonia. However, later Mike stated that he didn't have this DAT and it remains unsure as to whether or not this exists. It could, however, be true.
  • What Do I Have to Do (Original Version) This version was first played by Pete Waterman on his radio show, when he said that it would be the follow-up single to "Better the Devil You Know". This version is very different from any released versions. It is very synth-orientated, and has a slightly different bass-line, a completely different drum track, and multilayered vocals. Leaked to the internet.
  • I Am The One For You In 1998 it was included on the Australian only release of Greatest Remix Hits Volume 4. The song was originally recorded with Harding and Curnow in 1990 as a late addition for the Rhythm of Love album. Contrary to popular belief, it was the last remaining unreleased track from Minogue at PWL.
  • One Love at a Time Written by Minogue, Mike Stock, and Pete Waterman. The song seems to be an early version of "If You Were with Me Now", before Keith Washington contributed to it. Kylie's vocal track was sent to New York and Keith recorded his part separately.

   1993-1994: Kylie Minogue album

After signing with DeConstruction Records, Minogue began work on her new album. She first worked with the Rapino Brothers in June 1993. As a group they wrote and recorded enough material for an album, but the material was said to be heading in the wrong direction, and most of it was shelved and never released.

During this period Minogue also recorded other tracks for her album with various writers and producers; many were never released.

  • Automatic Love Written by Minogue, Charlie Mallozzi, Marco Sabiu, and Inga Humpe. This version has not been released. The song was later re-recorded with Brothers in Rhythm, and appeared on her album Kylie Minogue. The original version of the song can be heard over the closing credits of the Pratibha Parmar directed short film Wavelengths which was released in 1997. An instrumental of the original version was made but has never been released. A 47-second clip of this version was leaked in 1997.
  • Nothing Can Stop Us (Original Version) Remains unreleased. It was originally planned as the first single but was replaced with Confide In Me, and was remixed for b-side inclusion.
  • Dangerous Overture Orchestral short piece composed by Dave Seaman & Steve Anderson based on the song Dangerous Game from the 1994 Kylie Minogue album. In 2003 was included in Kylie Minogue 2003 Special Edition.
  • Living for Your Loving (and I'm Feeling Fine), Aston Martin, For All I'm Worth, Love is on the Line, and Our Lovin' (The Light That I Was Looking For) All five songs were written by Minogue, Mallozzi, and Sabiu. Our Lovin', For All I'm Worth and Aston Martin were leaked onto the internet. Later Our Lovin' was given to Czech singer Dara Rollins. The same was done with Love is on the Line, which was given to Polish singer Edyta Gorniak to record, but the song has never appeared on any of her albums. A 17-second clip of Kylie's Version of Our Lovin' was leaked in 1994. For All I'm Worth was leaked in mono-format MP3 in 2003 via music file-share programmes.
  • No Turning Back Written by Kylie Minogue/Anders Bagge/Gerry Deveux. Comfirmed by BMG to be recorded. It was going to be included in Hits+ but it didn't make it to the last cut.
  • When Are You Coming Home? Written by Ian Stanley and Pete Wiggs. This was one of the songs that Minogue recorded with Saint Etienne in 1993-1994 (the other being "Nothing Can Stop Us"). It was considered 'too pure pop' for the album by her record label and was not released. Confirmed by BMG to be recorded. It was going to be included in Hits+ but it didn't make it to the last cut.
  • If I Was Your Lover (original version) Written by Jimmy Harry. A different version of the song later appeared on the album Kylie Minogue.
  • The World Needs Love & Intution Both written by Jimmy Harry, and remain unreleased.
  • Baby Doll Written by Prince and Minogue. This is the only confirmed song written by Minogue with Prince. Kylie wrote the lyrics and handed them to Prince. Prince recorded a backing track and later laid down some vocals but eventually scrapped it. Kylie never recorded vocals for this song.

   1996-1997: Impossible Princess album

  • Fallen Angel, Something That We Started, and Floating Written by Minogue and Steve Anderson and only recorded in demo form.
  • Something That We Started Written by Minogue, Anderson, and Seaman. The song might be the same song as Something Sacred, an unconfirmed song from the Impossible Princess sessions.
  • (All Right) Now, You're the One, Prisoner of Time, Stay With You, and Looking Down on Me Written by Minogue, Anderson and Seaman.
  • You're the One exists in 2 demo versions, one in late 1996 and one in 1997. The latter of the two appeared on the internet as a poor-quality MP3 in the late 1990s.

(A bootleg mix called Right Now includes sampled vocals from Kylie's 1991 track Let's Get To It but this is not the same track as the unreleased Impossible Princess demo entitled (All Right Now).)

  • Free Written by Minogue and Steve Anderson in 1992-1993. She performed the track on her Intimate and Live tour in 1998. It has never been properly recorded apart from a very rough demo version. The live version, however, is rumoured to have been remixed.
  • Love is in Your Life, Looking Down on Me, and I'm Ready Written by Minogue and Steve Anderson.
  • Soon Written by Minogue and Nick Cave. Cave wrote the music around lyrics that were given to him by Minogue. The track was recorded and produced by Rob Dougan, but never used.
  • Let It Go Written by Minogue and Steve Anderson. It was the first track she recorded as a demo for the album with Brothers in Rhythm.
  • Drunk (original version) Written by Minogue, Anderson, and Seaman.
  • Be Till I'm Over Written by Minogue, Dave Ball, and Ingo Vauk.
  • Sweetest Summer Recorded with Olive and was reworked into the version of "Limbo" which appeared on the album.
  • Miles Written by Minogue & Anderson in 1996.
  • Into Myself Recorded with Olive and containing a verse and elements that would later appear in "Some Kind of Bliss".
  • Stay This Way & Take Me With You Were released.
  • Stay With You & You're The One Remain unreleased.
  • Sometime Samurai (Original Demo) During the summer of 1996 Kylie wrote the original demo of Sometime Samurai with Japanese DJ/artist Towa Tei. It was later re-worked in 2004 and included on Towa's Tei Japanese Album Flash and released as a single in his native Japan.

   1999-2000: Light Years sessions

  • Spinning Around (original version) Written by Ira Shickman, Osborne Bingham, Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul. The original version included a guitar section that was later removed from the final mix.
  • Are You the One?, Now That I've Found You, Same Place, Same Time, "Can You Forgive Me?", "Love Song", "Sleep on It" and "Back to Life" All written by Minogue, Steve Anderson, and Carl Mann.

NOTE: "Are You The One" shouldn't be confused with You're The One from the 1996-97 Impossible Princess Project.

  • I Can't Just Be a Friend and Pinkadelica Written by Minogue, Chris Anderson and Stephen Lee.
  • Sunday Morning Cadillac Written by Kylie Minogue and Steve Anderson
  • Whenever You Feel Like It" (original version) Written by Minogue, Billy Steinberg, and Rick Nowels. This song is slightly different from the version that was released in 2002.
  • Always And Forever Written by David Arch and Toddy. This song was the theme to UK ITV soap-opera Night & Day.

A full official version of Always And Forever has never leaked but a fanmade version of clips from the TV show has long been shared amongst fans.

   2000-2001: Fever

  • Brighter Day Written by Minogue, Cathy Dennis, and Rob Davis.
  • How Do You Like Your Love? Written by Minogue, Cathy Dennis, and Steve Anderson.
  • I'm a Woman, I Want to Lounge Around with You, Oh No, and Little Like a Love Song Written by Minogue, Richard Stannard, and Julian Gallagher.
  • Alone Again Written by Madonna and Rick Nowells; it was rumoured to have been considered as a double A-side or B-side to "Come Into My World". See Unreleased Madonna songs.
  • Heavenly and No Better Love Written by Minogue, Pascal Gabriel, and Paul Stratham. No Better was later leaked onto the internet in late 2002.
  • So High Written by Kylie Minogue, Pascal Gabriel & Paul Statham. Leaked online on June 7th 2006.
  • An early version of Tightrope includes lyrics from the unreleased track So High, which is how the song came about.
  • Nobody Like You & Baby Girl Written by Minogue, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher
  • Feels So Good Written by Minogue and Steve Anderson title track of Atomic Kitten's sophmore album. Kylie's original demo was leaked in November 2006.
  • Talk To Me & Open Up Your Eyes Written by Minogue, Greg Fitzgerald & Tom Nichols
  • Something Isn't Right Written by Rob Davis.
  • When I Lost You A song from the Fever sessions that was later given to Sarah Whatmore, who recorded and released it.

   2002-2003: Body Language sessions

  • Before Body Language was released in 2003, a fake track-listing was released on the internet. Called City Games, this list included two songs: "You Make Me Feel", which was included on the Japanese and North American releases of the album, and "City Games", which was a B-side of the song "Chocolate". Since Parlophone originally denied the existence of a track called "City Games", it now seems that the other songs from the track-listing might exist somewhere in the vaults. The tracklist was as follows:

    • Slow - included on "Body Language" and served as first single
    • City Games - later included on "Chocolate"
    • You Make Me Feel - included on North American release of "Body Language"
    • E-Z St
    • In The Dark - may well have been a working name for the track "After Dark", included on "Body Language" (although the writers that were credited for this song, and the ones who wrote "After Dark, have only one writer in common)
    • How Can You Say No?
    • Second Thoughts
    • Heavy Handed
    • Fly
    • Attention Seeker
    • Beat U
    • Colour My Life, Attention Seeker, and Do It Written by Minogue, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, and Dave Morgan. All three songs have been confirmed by Parlophone in 2003. A song by the title, Body Language, is also confirmed to have been written, but it is unknown whether or not Minogue recorded it.

      Songs were written for the album by Minogue, Stannard, and Gallagher without Morgan. These were Make My Day, Up and Coming, Love Is and Takin' My Time

    • Give Me a Reason and I'm Fascinated Written by Minogue, Stannard, and Gallagher during the Body Language sessions, and were later considered to be released on her second greatest hits package, Ultimate Kylie, in 2004.

    • I'm Sorry and Trippin' Me Up Written by Minogue, Pascal Gabriel and Paul Statham. - Trippin' Me Up can be heard at UltimateKylie@Myspace. The song is 3:43 in length. - both I'm Sorry and Trippin' Me Up were both leaked online on June 6th 2006 via the UltimateKylie@Myspace website. Ellectrika has already remixed "Trippin' Me Up". That remix lasts about 5:05 and it's named "Trippin' Me Up [Ellectrika's Trip-String Mix]" I'm Sorry was confirmed by Ellectrika that the leaked version is an slightly edit she made to the song adding verses, the original version lasts about 3:11 not 3:30 as the leaked version does.
    • Trippin' Me Up - Various different alternative versions of this demo exist including an acoustic version, a full length master mix and a few vocal test mixes.
    • Fall For You Written by Minogue, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher, and Dave Morgan. You Can't Touch Me' and Headcase are rumored tracks that have supposedly been recorded, but production details are unknown.
    • Kisses Recorded during the Johnny Douglas sessions, but did not make the album. "Secret Garden," later recorded by Rachel Stevens for her album "Come and Get It" was also demoed.
    • On The Up Recorded/written with Johnny Douglas. Clip leaked online via YouTube on June 28th, 2006. Full song leaked on November 12th, 2006.
    • Chocolate (feat. Ludacris) An early version of Chocolate included a rap by Ludacris but wasn't used on the final mix. (A part of Ludacris vocals can be heard at the beginning of the released version over the intro). A 1-Minute clip was leaked by late July. Kylie didn't like the rap so it wasn't released.
    • Red Blooded Woman (Demo) A very early rough demo of this includes a rap by Kylie. It was quickly omitted from the next version and never used again when Kylie said she found it 'embarrassing'.

      In 2005 two unreleased tracks were leaked onto the internet, both recorded for the Body Language project. They were:

    • My Image Unlimited Written by Wayne Wilkins, Mark Stent, Andrew Frampton, Dane Bowers, and Javine Hylton. Lengths about 3:43.
    • I'm Just Here for the Music Written by Danielle Brisebois and Wayne Rodriguez. Lengths about 3:34.

  •    2004: Ultimate Kylie sessions

    • Loving You Written by Minogue and Brian Higgins and was only recorded as a demo. The track has been leaked onto the internet initially with a remix by Ellectrika and then the original demo version. This is a fan-favourite and many fans thought that it must be included for the ultimate hits collection, "Ultimate Kylie".

    In 2004 Minogue wrote two unreleased songs with Scissor Sisters members Jake Shears and Babydaddy: I Know and Ooh (the Blues). I Know leaked onto the internet. The latter is said to be a Scissor Sisters track featuring Minogue, and although this version remains unheard, a Scissor Sisters only demo version leaked onto the internet and in a finished form, under the name Ooh, will appear on the bands second album Ta-Dah.

       2004: The Jazz Sessions

    Kylie recorded a small selection of jazz numbers/covers in 2004 including a cover of I Put a Spell on You. All remain unreleased.

       2004: G-A-Y Made in Heaven 2004

    Made in Heaven (2004 Steve Anderson Remix) A special new version, produced by Steve Anderson was made of this classic 80's Kylie PWL track, with new vocals and a brief sample of it was used as the intro to Kylie's special gig at the GAY club in London on February 28th 2004. The studio version of this remix remains unreleased.

       2006: White Diamond - The New Album

    Kylie is back in the studio recording after a long recovery from breast cancer treatment. She has so far recorded tracks with the Scissor Sisters, Biffco and is also recording new tracks with Johnny Douglas on the weekend of July 1st - July 2nd 2006.

    • Everything I Know Written by Kylie Minogue, BabyDaddy & Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters fame was originally demoed in 2004 for the Ultimate Kylie sessions but was not used. The track however leaked online in November 2004. Since then it has become a strong favourite with fans with its shortened title of I Know. Kylie has now re-recorded the track and the song has returned to its original title of Everything I Know. Kylie has also recorded other new tracks with the Scissor Sisters, who previously wrote Kylie's huge hit I Believe In You and the unreleased track Ooh (The Blues) which was a reworking of their demo Dancin' Shoes and included Kylie's guest vocal.
    • Kylie has also been working with Richard Stannard of Biffco fame. One song was recorded with BiffCo in late June 2006.
    • Johnny Douglas will be writing new tracks with Kylie on the first weekend of July 2006.
    • Flirtatious Written by Kylie Minogue & Johnny Douglas, a track that was turned down by Parlophone A & R and seems unlikely to find a release.
    • My Star and Inside Written by Kylie Minogue

    • White Diamond Written and recorded with the Scissor Sisters in late April using their Universal Music studios in New York City. It appears that the band will be producing at least one or two more tracks for Kylie's new album. White Diamond has been used as the model on which the album will be based. The song was showcased on Showgirl The Homecoming Tour on November 11th 2006 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Australia to an excitable reception. It is likely to be the comeback single.

       Unreleased Mushroom & PWL remixes

    • Getting Closer (Extended Oz Mix) Exclusive version with extended bridge and fade-out was only ever included on the ultra rare and withdrawn Swedish 1987 12" of The Loco-Motion - otherwise unreleased
    • The Loco-Motion (A cappella Mix) This version was due to appear on Minogue's Greatest Remix Hits album but was not included at Minogue's request, because the release of an all-vocal track would result in numerous unofficial mixes of the song. The original demo version was produced by Kaj Dahlstrom and was a harder-edged rocky version. It was re-produced by Mike Duffy for the Australian single release, and completely remixed by Harding and Curnow for PWL when released as her third global single.
    • Got To Be Certain (Oz Tour Mix) Essentially the same as the normal version but with an a cappella ending for live performances.
    • Got To Be Certain (Yo Yo's Dance Mix) A reworked 12" form 1989 by Kylie's sound engineer YoYo.
    • Turn It Into Love (Instrumental) Included as the background gallery music on the 2002 revised Greatest Hits DVD and an exclusive longer Extended Instrumental only included as a bonus track on the Japanese Greatest Hits 87-97 2-CD release. The Instrumental was initially included on a rare Korean 7" of Got To Be Certain in 1988 - otherwise unreleased
    • It's No Secret (Edit) A slightly edited version of the track that only appeared on the US promo CD & the Japanese Greatest Hits 87-97 2-CD release.
    • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (12" remix) This mix was only heard once on Pete Waterman's Radio City Saturday morning show in 1988. The mix has a mellower, beatless swingbeat.
    • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (A cappella Mix) A unique mix-breakdown using a main vocal track with music and no drum/rhythm track.
    • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (L'amour Remix) Alternative version of the 'Moi Non Plus Mix' with different instrumentation.
    • Made In Heaven (Original 7" Mix) Kylie performed to this version at the 1988 Royal Variety Performance. The only difference is the bridge which omitts one of the lines where Kylie sings "True love...".
    • Hand on Your Heart (Video version) This version of "Hand on Your Heart" was never released and had a slightly edited intro. It is said to be an edit of "The Great Aorta Mix". Although it remains unreleased, fans have ripped a high quality mp3 from the audio track on the Greatest Hits DVDs.
    • Hand On Your Heart (Girl Meets Boy Mix / Oz Tour Mix) Special mix dubbed over a live montage of Kylie live in Japan in 1989 on Kylie - The Videos 2. Includes a Mike Stock's vocal with Kylie's in a duet form. Unreleased elsewhere.
    • Enjoy Yourself (Longer Promo Version) Slightly longer album version only included on a French promo 12" - otherwise unreleased
    • Smash Hits 1989 Medley (4:40) Kylie performed to this mini PWL medley at the 1989 Smash Hit Poll Winners Party. The medley includes: Wouldn't Change A Thing (Your Thang Mix), Never Too Late, Made In Heaven (Heaven Scent Mix) & Wouldn't Change A Thing (Espagna Mix).
    • Tears on My Pillow (12" remix) The only mix of the track with different production was pulled from the single release at last minute as Pete wanted to keep the standard Extended / No More Tears Mix because he felt it kept the 50's vibe whereas the remix was more dancey. Was due to be included on the Greatest Remix Hits series on volumes 3-4 but was removed at last minute.
    • Better The Devil You Know (Harding/Curnow Remix) - remains unreleased
    • What Do I Have To Do? (Original 12" Master) The original 12" mix is often referred to by fans as the Synth Mix. The mix borrows the bassline from another track, was made in preparation for the next single after Better The Devil You Know and was played on Pete Waterman's Liverpool radio show in August 1990. The mix was recorded by fans on cassette format and has circulated in low-quality format around the fan base for some years now after being re-edited by a fan. The single plan was replaced with Step Back In Time and What Do I Have To Do? was remixed again and released in January 1991 as the 3rd single from the Rhythm Of Love album.
    • Shocked (Pete Waterman's LP Master) 11-minute master mix which is based on the Album Version. Remains unreleased but it's a much talked about mix amongst fans.
    • Better The Devil You Know (PA Mix) Essentially the same as the normal version but with an a cappella ending for live performances.
    • Step Back In Time (PA Mix) Essentially the same as the normal version but with an a cappella ending for live performances.
    • Rhythm Of Love (PA Mix) Essentially the same as the normal version but with an a cappella ending for live performances.
    • Shocked (Original DNA 7" Mix - 4:40) Original single mix included both raps but was edited down to 3:10 for the single release, whereas the 12" DNA Mix still contained both raps.
    • I Guess I Like It Like That (Original 12" Mix) The original version had a different layout and builds up differently. Kylie performed to this early version in 1991 in Turkey during a live gig.
    • Keep On Pumpin' It ('95 Loveland Remix) Official remix by Mark 'Hitman' Smith, commissioned for PWL in 1995. It was included exclusively on a very rare Mastermix - Issue 105 DJ promo 12" and CD but was never released anywhere else. It's a fantastic remix which has a very similar sound/edge to a 90's Nightcrawlers track!! It was made around the same time as the Better The Devil You Know (Movers & Shakers Mix) when PWL were considering re-releasing old Kylie classics with new remixes on a compilation. A project that never came to light.
    • Hand On Your Heart (W.I.P. 2002 Radio Edits) 4 Different radio edits were made of this new remix, commissioned in PWL for the revised Greatest Hits 87-92 album. None of the edits were used only the full remix.

    Unreleased Kylie Songs 1 2 3 4


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