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"Kylie in Concert"

"1989 Disco in Dreams (The Hitman Roadshow)"

Kylie Minogue

Dates: October 2, 1989 - October 9, 1989
Legs: 1
Shows: 4 in Asia

Executive Producer: Kylie Minogue
Produced and Directed: Michael Baumohl and Roger Yader
Co-Producer: Terry Blamey
Choreography: Venol John
Costumes: Carol Minogue

"Disco In Dream" was the very first "tour" for Aussie dance-pop singer Kylie Minogue, produced in late 1989 to meet public demand. The tour took place on Japan and, lately, UK, under the name of "The Hitman Roadshow", as free concerts to "thank British fans' support". Despite the relative small size and length and poor production, the tour managed to attract a massive audience - enough to fill the Tokyo Dome, which supports over 40,000 people.

"Disco In Dream" is not to be considered as a full tour. The concerts fit better with a "pocket show" concept, due to very small length and production. A tour also requires a full band, something nonexistent on "Disco In Dream", where Kylie mostly sung along the playback. For a real first full tour, see Enjoy Yourself Tour (early 1990).

This tour formed the basis of the Kylie produced documentary, 'On The Go'. Release: The tour saw a video release in 1990, which featured mixed footage from all concerts, plus a documentary inserted between tracks. Video concert tracks ain't faithful to the original setlist, what makes the video watching a bit confuse. A DVD of the video was officially released in Brazil under the name On the Go - Live in Japan.

The Disco In Dreams Tour consisted of the following Setlist:

  • The Loco-Motion (7' Mix)
  • Got to Be Certain
  • Tears on My Pillow
  • Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
  • Made in Heaven (Heaven Scent Mix)
  • Hand on Your Heart
  • Wouldn't Change a Thing
  • I Should Be So Lucky


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